June 30, 2017-The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

I'm a little sad that this is the last entry for the Thing-A-Day project. It's been pretty amazing to force myself to write every single day for this past month and to watch how things change. The music has changes, and my relationship to the music has changed.

I feel like I have a much more honest and realistic understanding of where I am and what I'm capable of. I also have a strong sense of what I need to do to get where I want to be. I'm actually pretty proud of the music that I've created, which is a little surprising to me. I am certainly my own worst critic.I hope that I can continue with this work ethic and really start to get some things done.

Thank you for listening, truly.

June 27, 2017-JTE

Here's to breaking chains. Here's to uncovering layers. Here's to not just coming out of the closet, but shattering the door on your way out. Here's to surrounding yourself with people who will only tolerate your best, most authentic self. Here's to being qualitatively awesome.

June 25, 2017-Afterglow

It is almost always the case for me that after a big success, there is a big come down. The bigger the success, the bigger the come down. Yesterday, the day before I'm posting this, was the confluence of two things that I've been working on for some time. I finally released my first solo EP, and I booked and performed my first solo show in Newport News. It could not have been a more awesome day. Not surprisingly, today I am exhausted, sore, and a little sad. The sad part has always confused me a little. Why am I sad the day after such a big, joyful day? I don't have the answer, but this music certainly reflects those emotions.

June 22, 2017-From Way Up Here

I am infinitely interested in space. Recently, I learned of the overview effect. Basically, when astronauts go into space, they report this flip that happens. They see the Earth a fragile ball, hanging in space, protected by the thinnest sliver of atmosphere. Nations, economies, and divisions just disappear. We are all one. We don't just live in a city, or a state, or a nation, or on a continent, but on a tiny planet, orbiting around a small star, in a galaxy, in a cluster of galaxies, in an ever expanding universe. How f-ing cool is that!?

June 21-Tastes Like Silver

Music is such a strange and mysterious thing. I started this piece trying to make a Sylva Esso type beat, but it turned into something pretty different. It wanted to be something different. It was;t until I played it for my wife that I realized that I was channeling David Bowie and Donny McCaslin. After I had recorded the sax parts! I like it, which is not something I usually like to say about the things I write. 

June 20, 2017-Rain

It's been raining a lot here in Newport News. There is a degree of comfort in the predictability. It rain almost every day, between 4 and 6, and then often again over night. Things are super green. I don't know for sure if I would call this a piece of music, but it is certainly sound, and it's comforting. I'd like to dive into this concept more in the future. There is a treasure trove of awesomeness in just the sound of rain, and I didn't quite crack it this time around.

June 17, 2017-Growing Pains

Stretching hurts when I haven't done it in a while. It's so easy to get so far down a path of rigidity, not realizing where I am, not knowing I got there. I have told myself so many times that I'm still new to the game, that I don't have a lot to offer yet. If I can just buckle down and work hard, I'll have something good to offer someday. I say it so much that I forget that I've been playing sax for 20 years. Here's to remind ourselves of who we are. And here's to believing that it's enough.

June 15, 2017-In Order to Find the Light

Sometimes things get a bit overwhelming. Things start swirling in on themselves, gaining more and more weight, more weight than they are rightfully allowed to have. Things get sucked to the middle of what looks and feels like a black hole. But it's not a black hole, not really, and the light is there, I just don't know where to look.

This piece of music is that light for me today. It's something I wrote and recorded a while ago, but it's here for me now that I need it. I hope it might do the same for someone else out there, too.