Episode 17: Nate and Joe Burn Down the House with Terry and FeFe

This week has been crazy. Head-spiningly crazy. Thank God we have an episode that is full of laughs, and full of perspective changing truth. Our guests this week are a force of nature. Terry, aka Double XL, and Alexandra, aka FeFe, are taking over the world. This is a super timely episode and we hope this will inspire you to sit down and have a conversation, and just listen, to someone who looks different, someone who has had a different life experience, someone who has a different belief system. #SacredConversations FOR THE WIN!

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Episode 15: Stan Randall

Nate and Joe are joined by the fabulous Stan Randall. Stan is a super positive, inspiring person, and a sharp dresser to boot. He walked in wearing 3 inch powder blue high heals and immediately stole our hearts. Stan is a Life Coach and a Equal Opportunity Advisor for the Army. Don't worry, he explains those things in detail, and you'll want to hear it from him. Get ready for an uplifting, motivating episode!

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Episode 14: Michael Bartley is Critically Damped

Get ready for an episode jam packed with goodness! Michael joins Nate and Joe for adventures in  Astro Physics, growing a beard, and not knowing what it's like to have coworkers. We also discover that Joe has secret blood lust and Michael loves mushrooms. And Political Pillow Fight!!!

Nate sincerely apologizes for the minor audio glitches in this weeks episode and promises to flog himself for letting this happen on his watch.

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The over damped one.

Episode 13: Nate and Joe Suck to Save Lives

Nate and Joe sit down for a proper long chat that wanders all around the universe. Joe gets in touch with his fear of snakes and Nate promises to suck out any venom that might find it's way into Joe's parts. Nate and Joe get drunk and then share a secret ingredient. Joe brings a bible to talk about Healthcare and Nate talks about a podcast.

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Episode 11: Nate and Joe Aren't the Nate and Joe You Remember

Nate makes Joe coffee. Bennett makes Joe coffee. Joe drinks lots of coffee. Nate and Joe fan boy about Wonder Woman. Again. Joe asks what Nate's doppelgänger is doing right now. Nate wonders what the hell he's going to do with all this jícama. Nate talks a little too long about Veganism, but Joe counteracts by putting the pillow back in Pillow Talk!

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Episode 10: Bobby Jo Valentine

Our first guest! Nate, Joe, and Bobby talk about being an out, gay, Christian performer and take a deep dive into the creative process. Also, Joe wants to be an old Jewish man. Listen all the way to the end to hear a beautiful song by Bobby entitled "Trading In".

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Episode 8: Nate and Joe Eat Puff Balls with Jesus

Nate and Joe grow ever closer to completing their church room Bingo card and knock of two rooms in one episode. Joe reveals a couple of bombshells about himself, all while laying an extensive amount of pipe to justify hemp milk and cereal. He also gets distracted by a spot on his clothes. Again. Meanwhile, Nate talks about polygamy and can't seem to stop with the innuendo. 

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Episode 7: Nate and Joe Eat Spicy Potatoes in Sallye's Office

This week, Nate and Joe take a deep dive into the Henson universe. Nate enjoys sticking his hand in things, while Joe gets bummed out by Fraggle Rock. Nate has a spicy accident, and Joe experiences a wardrobe malfunction. We also dip a toe in discipleship and discuss the liberation that can be found in limitation!

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Episode 6: Nate and Joe Eat Cheezy Quinoa in an Alternate History

This week, Nate and Joe ask "Is this real life, is this just fantasy, or is it a Harry Turtledove novel?" We know that iron sharpens iron, but can DC every become the 51st state? And will #BougieKroger ever have nutritional yeast!? Also, Joe goes on a cooking adventure. Nate wears puke blue shoes. Joe thinks Luke is a woman, and Nate recommends Super. Oh, and we kinda spoil the end of Iron Fist, and maybe Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. You have been warned!

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Episode 5: Nate and Joe Lose Their Faith and Eat Poo-dding

In this super special episode of Pillow Talk, Nate and Joe share their faith journeys, and how they both had to lose their faith in order to find it again. It's not all serious though. Joe gets super distracted by a spot on his shirt, and Nate reveals his secret plan. #SacredConversations

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BONUS Episode!

It's a BONUS episode! We've got over a hundred subscribers and both of us, yes Nate and Joe, are SO EXCITED. And grateful! So here's a little extra behind the scenes look into the podcast as our way to say thank you for making this so fun for us. XOXO

Episode 3: Joe Doesn't Want to Like Nate's Nut Cheese

Nate and Joe play with fire and contemplate how to be in the world today. What does it mean to offer up #holyresistance? What the heck is third way thinking? Joe also learns about ASMR, Nate gets on his soap box (because of course he does), Joe sees someone who is compensating for something, and Nate does zero research. Make sure you stick it out to the end, 'cuz it gets good!