Episode 44-Nate and Joe at Geek Fest 36

Infamous podcast guest, and all around wonderful human, Steve Adcox has been hosting Geekfest since 1982. It started as a way for some college friends to stay in touch and have an outlet for their geeky proclivities. It has since grown into an epic weekend, happening once a year, where 3 generations of people play games of all sorts. While we were recording, there was MTG, D&D, and a ton of PC and console gaming happening simultaneously. Needless to say, the soil was fertile for some extra geeky conversation.

We talked about dice, dragons, card games, dragons, 3D printing, dragons, penis cookies, how Joe doesn't do dragons, board games, more dragons, and so much more! Get into some comfy PJs, dragon themed of course, and cuddle up with your favorite pillow and enjoy GEEK FEST 36!!

Also, check out this podcast for more about dragons. The good bit starts at 15:30.

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Episode 43: Nate and Joe Get Down to Business

Some times Nate and Joe just need to get stuff done. Every once in a while, Joe just needs to pull out his old school day planner and just write stuff down. And Nate just needs to belch. To be fair, it's only after Joe stuffs him full of tasty, and/or downright problematic, carbonated beverage. Needless to say, businessing is not Nate and Joe's strong suit. And yet, we persist. And belch. And get judged by long time fan, Lynsie. Hi Lynsie!

You need some Shitless Painter in your life.

Join us for the first ever Pillow Talk Game Night on March 24th, time TBD, at Warwick UCC in Newport News!

Let us know what you think Joe should do with his new domain names!


Episode 42: Roxann Is the Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything

Occasionally, maybe only a precious few times in a life, you meet someone, completely by chance, that utterly changes the course of your life. Nate has been working with Roxann and Next Reflex Dance Collective since 2013. At the beginning of the year, Roxann asked Nate to make some music for a piece she created called "Under The Lemon Tree". For the inaugural performance, Nate talked Roxann into being on the podcast! She had no idea what she was in for.

As per usual, we didn't edit, so there are many appearances by childrens. This is real life, y'all. Also, Joe was home, while Nate and Roxann were up in Fairfax, so Joe joined in via Facebook Messenger. You don't get to hear his normal sonorous voice in full this week.

Check out Dance Party at the Planetarium by the Intrepid Trio, featuring Nate!


Episode 41: Nate and Joe Man-Handle Some Pipe

Joe and Amanda, the Pillow Talk Den Mother, help Nate with his pipes. For "Under the Lemon Tree", of course. Nate cuts some pipe. Amanda cuts some pipe. Joe caresses some pipe. Nate measures some pipe. Joe cuts some pipe. Nate erects some pipe. Amanda handles some pipe. Nate draws on some pipe.

Also, Amanda has cassingles. Nate sings all your favorite 90’s hits. Joe wears flannel. Nate has a hot take. Nate and Siri can’t remember Hocus Pocus. And Nate has a bad top case.

Go see Call Me By Your Name!

Listen to more Sufjan Stevens!

Watch Super Monsters with your kids!

 The Lemon Tree!

The Lemon Tree!

Episode 40: Nate and Joe Aren't Therapists, but They Play One on TV

The first thing that you should know about this episode is that Joe was super sick. There is lots of coughing and sniffling. The second thing you should know is that this might be the most vulnerable both Nate and Joe have been yet. Both have had significant experiences recently, Nate with Jacob Collier, and Joe with "Call Me By Your Name", that have left our hosts questioning. This is an episode about looking into the past in order to find the way forward, about unlocking and embracing wounds. And magic. 

As your listening to this, there is a Super Mega Awesome Thread for this episode on Pillowtalkians. We really want to hear from you guys. What in this episode resonated with you? Have you had any experiences like these. How do you feel about magic? Let's discuss!

Go listen to Visions of Gideon!


Episode 39: Amanda Bartley is a Precious Gem

Occasionally, a new person comes into your life. Some of those people become acquaintances, some friends, a one or two, good friends. Very rarely, one of those good friends is an Amanda Bartley, someone who is exceedingly generous and giving, selfless and kind. This week, Amanda sits in on the podcast with Nate and Joe, and Pillow Talk Land is better for it. Amanda is an OG Pillowtalkian, and from hence forth will be known as the Den Mother. Also in this jam packed, stuffed to the brim, fully loaded episode, Amanda brings her Medium Black Box. Joe likes his millet warm. Nate nerdgasms about Jacob Collier and just intonation and vocoders. Joe is the head of the Shadow Government, and so much more!

If you want to hear some great uses of the vocoder, watch this, and this, and this. This is not technically vocoder, but it is beautiful and should be listened to on repeat.


Episode 38: Nate and Joe Go Live on the Internet

Nate and Joe do their first live stream! We had so much fun doing this and we'll definitely do it again, probably somewhat regularly. We really appreciate all of you Pillowtalkians who participated. Y'all are the best.

If you're listening for the first time (welcome!) and are not yet part of the Pillowtalkians Facebook group, join us! This is where we talk about anything and everything that is happening in our lives, and sometimes there is a fun poll.

In this episode, Nate dips his toe into his newfound fanboy obsession with Jacob Collier. If you're not yet familiar, check out his song Hideaway. It's epic.


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Episode 37: Nate and Joe Don't Do Resolutions

It's a new year and an all new Pillow Talk with Nate and Joe. We've changed everything! 

JK, that much change would give Joe heart palpitations. It is a new year, but, to the surprise of no one, Nate and Joe barely noticed. Instead, they spent their time like they always do, trying to take over the world! With #SacredConversation, of course.

In this jam packed episode, Nate can't sneeze. Joe wears too many layers. Nate and Joe grunt in the sauna. Mara earns an unfortunate nickname. Joe schools Nate on the proper way to eat Kiwi fruit, and then Nate suggestively eats said Kiwi fruit. And much, much more!

If you're reading this and you haven't seen/heard Oprah's acceptance speech for the Cecil B. de Mille award, stop what you're doing an watch it now!


Episode 36: Nate and Joe's EPIC Year End Round Up

2017 is over. Whew! What a year, right!? We did a ton and, to quote Joe, are a lot better for it.In some ways, the last 12 months have been super tough. In other ways, new depths of understanding and compassion have opened up. And there has been laughs. A lot of laughs. And food. 

From the bottoms of our hearts, we want to say thank you for coming on this ride with us. To celebrate our first end-of-the-year, here is an episode full of our favorite things, and a few of our least favorite things, from 2017. Cheers!

SPOILER WARNING! We talk pretty extensively about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If you want to avoid major spoilers, go ahead and skip from 1:03:00 to 1:25:45.


Episode 35: James Semmelroth Darnell Doesn't Do Spicy

Nate and Joe are joined by the delightful James Semmelroth Darnell! James shares his journey as a minister and what he sees as the role of the Progressive Church. We also learn that Joe doesn't have time to cut potatoes, Nate says you should be watching American Gods, and James is full of surprises. And the return of Pillow Fights!

You should definitely listen to Alexander Shaia talk about the mythical dimension of Christmas.


Episode 34: Nate and Joe Think About Their Right Hands

In this episode, you should judge a book by it's cover, especially if it's one of those fancy textured ones that just feels nice to the touch. 

Nate and Joe have so much juicy goodness for you in this truly yuge episode. Joe emanates bougieness. Nate gets real. DJ Joby Todd drops a beat. Joe #agitates. Nate talks about The Chris Gerhard Show. And so much more!

Check out Rolling Stone's profile of TCGS!

Stop everything and listen to Tom Waits right now!

Chickpea Socca will make your life better!

This episode of the Robcast with Kristin Hanggi and Natalie Roy is well worth you time!

And always #agitate!

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Episode 33: Nate and Joe Get Jacked

Nate and Joe are not rappers, though they secretly want to be. None-the-less, hip-hop lyrics play a large role in this music heavy episode. Though rappers they are not, Nate and Joe do write protest songs, including one for Christmas. #Agitate! Apparently Cameron, infamous lead singer of none other than Vegan Mouthful, shops at Bougie Kroger. Nate and Joe try the best soda in the country, and then have a tiff about politics. And Joe cracks himself up, again.

Watch I'm Not Racist by Joyner Lucas, and Eminem's Freestyle and tell us what you think on the Pillowtalkians page!

For some more protest songs, check out Neil Young's newest album, The Visitor!

For something lighter, check out this video from podcast guest Double XL!

And for something truly silly, watch James Adomian become a gay villain!

#Agitate #Agitate #Agitate #Agitate #Agitate #Agitate #Agitate #Agitate #Agitate 


Episode 32: Let Them Eat Penis Cookies

WARNING: The audio quality of this episode is not up to the usual Pillow Talk standards.

This week, Nate and Joe are at their first live event! So many great conversations with some very well dressed people. Plus, a bonus conversation about Climate Change and what we can do about it.

Eric Goplerud is trying to get Fairfax to carbon zero. Check out Faith for Climate and get involved!

Deanndre Fulton and Abstrak Global want to help you make your art!

Let Styles By Imani make you look fabulous!

Newport News City Council member Marcellus Harris wants you to know how many awesome things are happening all over the city. Follow the City of Newport News on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date!

DJ Fingatipps takes amazing photos and makes amazing videos.

Ceasonings Magazine highlights all things art in Hampton Roads!

Go right now and buy Q5's EP, 5x5 Vol. 1, right now! Right Now!! It's that good.


Episode 31: Nate and Joe Are Thankful

It's a very Pillow Talk Thanksgiving! Nate and Joe sit down to give thanks, say Dick, and enjoy Joe's Celebration Meat. It's vegan! Also, Nate pauses. Joe is SuperBernieSandersMan. Sue doesn't want to be on the podcast. Joe learns how to cook, almost. Nate and Joe share their experience at United Christian Parish in Reston VA and talk about what it really means to be Progressive.  Shout out to Bobby Jo Valentine!

Check out GreenFare Organic Cafe!

Listen to Paramore behind the Tiny Desk!

Check out this article, and this article for more info on how meat is impacting us and our world!

You really want to hear Sufjan sing Christmas Unicorn!


Episode 30: Nate and Joe ARE Tasty Grace

In this fun filled episode, full of all the feels, Nate and Joe get real. At least for part of the time. We also learn that Nate doesn't have time for Jehovah's Witnesses. Joe wants to look distinguished. Nate dresses Joe so he looks distinguished. Nate makes a BAD joke. Joe has other superhero crushes besides Nightwing. Brian Michael Bendis definitely listens to the podcast. Nate always feels guilty, and Joe has problems with Alexander Hamilton.

Call your representatives today and make your voice heard! Go here to find you rep in the House, and go here to find your Senators.

 Tasty Grace 1.0!

Tasty Grace 1.0!

Episode 29: Nate and Joe and Steve Do Poker Night

Poker Night is not what it sounds like, it's actually more fun! In this fabulously fun episode, Nate and Joe are at Steve's house trying, and failing, to show him the way. Joe makes BLT's. Nate has post-production fatigue. Steve isn't very adventurous. Nate and Joe fight about vegan mayo. Steve does some research. Joe takes back control. Nate monologizes. Nate lays some pipe. Nate goes on for a bit. Nate has some extra wind. Oh, you get the idea.

Episode 28: Nate and Joe Pick Paint Colors and Other Vignettes

Nate and Joe like to experiment. More accurately, Joe comes up with crazy ideas and Nate has to figure out make it work. This experiment is a super exciting one. The Pillow Talk Two have been collecting little minisodes for some time, just waiting for the right time to unleash them on the world. Well, now is that time. Nate and Joe give you the longest intro in the history of recorded media, Mike Bartley and Doctor Emerson offer a sermonette, Nate feeds people cheese from his nuts while Joe hates on Paul, and Pillow Talk births it's first podcast baby!

Join us for our first big Pillow Talk Day Trip on November 11!